A toast to marshmallow vodka

Just before Christmas, I attended a dinner party during which the women spent a hilarious hour  speaking in rhapsodies about marshmallow vodka. It’s a THING, y’all.

“It’s the best mixer for Diet Coke ever,” promised Susie Timm. “It tastes like a root beer float.”


I even made a man friend try it. First he sneered. Then he asked for more. In the end, he said, “OK, fine, I like your marshmallow vodka.”

My friend and coworker Amy Crist discovered that adding a twist of lime to Diet Coke and marshmallow vodka creates a coconut-tinged tropical-seeming dream.

So I bought mini bottles (and a few large ones) for gifts — and the girls are converted. I can’t think of a more apropos New Year’s Eve hostess gift.  I found it at Total Wine Superstore.



P.S. My friend Jami Reagan tells me that the Whipped Cream version of this  vodka is her new favorite — just add orange juice. “It tastes like a Creamsicle,” she says.

Happy New Year to you all.

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Champagne and Strawberry Slush

By far the best use for strawberry sorbet is this, and I can’t believe I’ve never tried it before: place two small scoops of sorbet in a champagne flute, and fill that baby with bubbles. Let it sit/melt for a minute or two, and then . . . oh, my. Champagne and strawberries are classic best friends because they bring out the loveliness in one another. Champagne and strawberry sorbet is even better — an icy, sweet, sunset-striped drink. With bubbles.

If you’re just catching up this week, yesterday I showed how to make homemade strawberry sorbet, which I turned into mini frozen tarts.

Those tarts would be a fantastic treat to serve with this drink.

You can also make both this drink and the tarts with Haagen-Dazs strawberry sorbet from the grocery store, and I promise it will be just as good.

Pre-scoop and freeze your sorbet so it holds its shape.

Top with champagne or Prosecco.

Zonin makes our favorite Prosecco. Buy it here.


You could also pour gingerale over your sorbet for a non-alcoholic version.

I think this will be the new signature cocktail at my house. What’s yours?


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