Five for Friday: a formula for joy

1. Something to want: glitter-covered shoes, a la Miu Miu. (Oh, just $900 or something similary killing.)

Even better when they come from Steve Madden, $149.

2. Something to read: Amor Towles’ Rules of Civility has literary cred, begins in a Jazz Club in New York in 1938, and just landed on my nightstand.

3. Something to do: make over Ikea furniture with O’verlays — new and ingenius panels for drawer front dress-ups. I wish these had been around during my greek key dresser drama. I’m considering nightstands. Easy and inexpensive.


4. Something to ask for for your birthday: a monogram necklace like Blair’s from Atlantic-Pacific. (Deep, distracting coveting going on here.) She reports hers is from Max and Chloe, in gold fill, $210.


5. Something for treats: Trader Joe’s Salted Caramel sauce. Tastes like homemade butterscotch.

Maybe at our house, we gave up on ice cream and ate this with a spoon.

P.S. One extra for the long weekend — a major labor Day sale at Macy’s means my favorite Hotel Collection microcotton towels are on super sale — just $15 each.  (They’re generally considered to be as good as it gets by lifestyle hounds — myself included.) I buy a new pair or two in white on Labor Day every year.

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Gilded pumpkins

This weekend, my mom and I glittered and gilded pumpkins. LOTS and lots of pumpkins.

Aren’t they pretty? To gild a pumpkin, pick up Rub n’ Buff from Michaels — in the paint aisle, near the gold leaf. It’s this paint-paste stuff that I just smear all over the pumpkin with a paper towel, and then go over the top with the opposite shade (if the pumpkin is gold, I accent with silver, and vice versa). My mom added glitter on top. Butternut squash and acorn squash are also excellent makeover  candidates.

And this  is Tyson’s birthday pie: chocolate mousse.

Filling recipe here — I doubled it, and had extra. Crust is, um, two store-bought oreo crusts I dumped into a springform pan, along with a tablespoon f melted butter, and pressed into the pan carefully so as to achieve the appearance of homemade work. Hee.

I felt slightly ashamed, but I was in a rush. Bakerella — the patron saint of internet cookery — would never fake a crust. She makes things like this — so adorable, but the idea of replicating them kind of gives me hives.




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