Fresh Cherry-Vanilla Ice Cream sandwiches

This is ice cream that you make, inhale, and then hide — from yourself, and from the other person that lives in your house. (It is incredible.) And if you are successful, one evening you will think of your favorite store-bought chocolate cookies, and that fresh cherry-vanilla ice cream hidden in your freezer, and set them up on a date.

The cookies absorb a touch of the cream. The chocolate plays against that vanilla-cherry-summer-bliss. Yes. YES. Yes, please.

For the ice cream, I followed this recipe. (Double it.) My friends Shanna and Mary came to stay with me for a couple of days, and Shanna was dreaming of cherries, vanilla and cream. Lucky us.


It’s gorgeous on its own — somehow those summer cherries taste amplified in vanilla-scented cream. But for company, or just yourself, sandwich it between two of my favorite store-bought Urban Oven cookies. They’re locally made in Arizona, and I buy them at AJ’s. Any good chocolate cookie will do. (Try Nabisco wafers.)

Beware the mini ice cream sandwich: no one should eat just one.