I’ve got my lacy bunny iPhone cover to keep me warm

I came upon this iPhone cover at BCBG while shopping with a girlfriend and it made me howl in the store. There’s a puffy fur tail, y’all. The tail is removable, held on by a suction cup. I am still laughing.

I took it on its first outing to the bar at the Biltmore for a birthday toast, and Bunny made everyone my friend. I can’t decide if it’s a brilliant ice-breaking business tool or something to ditch before meetings. (Full disclosure: bunny has been staying in the car.)

Let’s discuss the bunny iPhone cover. Does it say:

A. I like to laugh and have fun.

B.  I am holding onto my childhood.

C. I haven’t read a book since high school.


D. I have Hugh Hefner’s number in this phone.

(And yikes.)

I really want to know.