Scarlett’s babydoll birthday party

My sister Kapri’s overachievingly gorgeous birthday parties for her children continue. This year, Scarlett is four, and she invited me to come to her house for a babydoll birthday.

Behold, the pink and blue parade, beginning with homemade vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing, and a fur-trimmed party hat on top.

Scarlett had the cutest pink and blue dress, with a matching homemade hair bow, just for the occasion. My sister made the doll clothes garland out of Scarlett’s newborn outfits. The child’s closet has always been insane.

My mother and sister turned the living room into a little girl’s heaven, with doll cradles and cribs and tea parties set up all over.


Scarlett showed off her necklace.

Scarlett is the trained daughter of a bona-fide beauty queen. (Kapri was Miss Arizona, 2001.) The kid can pose for a photo. Note the pink and blue treats in the candy jars. My sister can find anything on the internet. My reporter-stalking-skills  are equaled by her shopping-stalking-skills.

Party favors, of course:

My gift to Scarlett — whose pajamas even matched the event. Isn’t that burlap ribbon fantastic? I brought it home from a craft shop in Utah.

Sweet details:

Mini milkshakes — to be clear, we totally get these from the drive-through and pour them into tiny, pretty cups.

Scarlett’s baby Polly got a new outfit, too. Note Polly’s mini birthday cake handbag. I want one in my size.

Actually, I’d like to come back to earth as Scarlett — for the tutu collection alone.

Good photos by my sister. Questionable photos by me.


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Tooth Fairy Doors D-I-Y

For Christmas, I gave some little people that I love homemade tooth fairy doors. The doors hang on the wall — above a nightstand, say, providing access to coin-bearing nymphs that visit in the night.

I love the gift of imagination.


The doors are meant for miniature dollhouses, and all you have to do is order the supplies, paint the pieces and glue on brass door accessories.

I might be making a few more — for my mother, and myself.

We believe in magic.

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Nursery Decor, Britain style

My sister’s baby is named Britain. He’s a munch, and a squeak, and will someone please explain why nonsense is the best way to explain how babies make us feel? I helped my sister get the nursery ready, and we decided to make his (considerable) wardrobe the star.

He inherited almost all of it from his big brother Rome, who was the best-dressed baby in the history of time (and who has also shared his clothes with Taylor, and Landon, and now Britain). So the investment has been appreciated, you see.

We used clothes as decor all over.

Kapri sewed blue over the pink trim on Scarlett’s curtains. (Hey, she has a new room, and it’s a doozy.)

A baby named Britain had to have a Union Jack pillow. We made this from vintage baby clothes.

I love baby clothes with things tucked in the pocket. It’s so adult.

And finally, here he is, modeling cable knit ensemble #14: Britain Brant, named for his daddy.

It is helpful that his eyes match his room.

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