Lemon Yogurt Cake of Doom

I suspect that the universal adoration of Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, has something to do with her gift for making  us all feel like everything is going to be OK. These are the lessons of reading her cookbooks and watching her show: if you roast a chicken for your husband every Friday, the weekend will contain joy.  If you have lemon cake waiting in your freezer, you can handle unexpected guests and unexpected things. The Barefoot Contessa calms me.

And I now have a freezer full of lemon-yogurt cake, so bring it on, world.


This is the recipe. Do not depart. It’s the best lemon cake imaginable. Better than Starbucks lemon loaf, for sure.


Yes, you need all of this lemon zest. It tastes like sunshine and is always my favorite thing to add to anything in the kitchen.




#Prettytrash. Send the lemon rinds down your disposal to clean it and fragrance the house.


One recipe departure: poke holes all over your cake to help it better absorb the lemon syrup. Not the icing — the syrup. Yes, there’s a reason this is so moist.



I’m ready.

And speaking of lemons, have you tried my lemon crepes? Or lemon bars? This lemon cake is also fantastic — another Barefoot Contessa iteration, sans yogurt. I like the yogurt cake even more.

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Easy Lemon Vanilla Waffles (from a mix)

Once upon a cabin on Aspen mountain, there was waffle mix and hungry people who like their waffles to be a little bit more. I added lemon zest, vanilla, and vanilla sugar to Bisquick, and oh, my. This is our new favorite Sunday morning treat. Ty even made it for his parents. I think you should try it this lovely October weekend.

Take the standard Bisquick box recipe:

Add the zest of one lemon, one teaspoon of vanilla, and a tablespoon or two of vanilla sugar, if you have any. (If not, add plain sugar and another half-teaspoon of vanilla.) Bake them in a waffle iron on the hottest setting. (We like our waffles crispy.)

A side of our favorite uncured bacon from Trader Joe’s is just what you need to soak up the extra maple syrup. (Uncured vs cured — I have no idea what the merits of each camp may be. I just know that this is the best-tasting bacon there is, even when I’m lazy and make it in the microwave.)

Also: try sliced bananas on top of the waffles. That’s heaven.

An indulgence, but isn’t that what Sunday mornings (and CBS Sunday Morning) are for?

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