Localove: New Restaurants Windsor and Churn

North Central is getting oh-so-lovely on the restaurant front: we have our own Postino, our own Vig, and now two new hotspots in the making from Postino braniac Craig DeMarco.

Yes, indeed. Windsor, a restaurant (pictured above), and Churn, an ice cream and sweet cafe (below), are housed in a 1940’s building on Central — just across from the new Postino and bordering Windsor Square.

I dropped in this morning to ogle the killer decor, have a treat, and am looking forward to future nights on the patios with cheddar fondue, hamburgers, peanut butter ice cream and friends.

Windsor has a vintage reclaimed vibe with speakeasy flair. Also: an entire wall made from cassette tapes that you must see.



Up close:



This art made me laugh, because for all my love of France, sometimes I hate French cooking, too.



And now, Churn: think homemade ice cream, homemade peanut brittle, scones and muffins and blackberry buttermilk cakes all made in house. Also: old fashioned candies in bags and bins. It’s next door to Windsor, perfectly placed for dessert.




Really cute doors and walls:


There’s a sprawling patio for both Windsor and Churn out back. I wish I’d spent the last month there.

Also, look what they found: Fruit Stripe gum.

Windsor and Churn are at 5223 N. Central Ave., Phoenix — just north of Camelback.