Localove: Gazing Arizona

Loving where you live is currently a stylish little movement.  All over, there are T-shirts and  wall art offerings that pay homage to the places we call home. Arizona has some pretty cool products. Behold:

From  I Heart Mesa: the diving lady sign on a T-shirt. This classic piece of neon is a fixture outside the Starlite Motel on Main Street, and something I’ve loved since I was a little girl. I grew up in the East Valley, and when I was really little, Main Street was where you went for dinner . . . say, King’s Table, or Pizza Mart, or Ned’s Krazy Subs (OK, on Broadway, but close enough.)

Also from I Heart Mesa, a state love shirt:

I’m pretty into this sunrise photograph of the diving lady sign on Etsy, $20:

I appreciate local artist Jason Hill and his ability to make our cool places look even cooler when they’re framed on our walls, like so:

I also appreciate tHill’s new T-shirt design featuring the Westward Ho — a favorite of mine — and available in many colors at local shop Holy Pinata, $25.

(Holy Pinata also offers this:)

More from Jason Hill: chair prints, also in his Etsy shop.

You can show Phoenix pride on your car or your upper half with the the Frances classic: first a bumper sticker, now also a T-shirt.

This print is available in varied day-glo shades, from the JanuaryJones shop on Etsy, $12:

Printable versions of our state in many patterns, $10:

And here’s some love for our adopted summer hometown of San Diego/Coronado from Orange and Park, $22 to $30 — and these prints are the ones I’m actually buying, because I believe in delusional decorating.

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New Discoveries: Modern Manor in Phoenix

I’m so behind. There are still Christmas decorations in a box in my entry, and today I told my editor that I had plenty of time to set up a story about a February 11 event we’ve been discussing. “It’s March,” she said.

And how did that happen, I want to know? (Tucson.) Anyway, I’m late on this, too, but finally got to visit Modern Manor in Phoenix’s Melrose Design district. It’s an amazing haunt for vintage and industrial finds, and the owners share my love of lucite and tufting. I felt like I’d washed up in Palm Springs.

A virtual droolfest:

Saarinen tulip chairs, anyone?

This Milo Baughman rocker and ottoman set is just unfair.

I lost my head over the collection of vintage sign letters and have big plans for a few (that I hope are still there.) They even have the old Electric Ladyland sign.

This chaise wants to be white, and it wants to be my new reading nook.

I spied a vintage card catalog, even.

Ah, smoking accessories. (Hey, it was glamorous for a reason.) Perhaps one could employ this lucite cigarette lighter as a scented candle lighting tool instead.

Sweet lamps in turquoise: the bloggers’ color du jour.

Also: they have 450 Herman Miller chairs on the way.

It’s next door to Phoenix Metro Retro, a midcentury hotspot, and steps from all the antique shops on 7th Ave. America’s Taco Shop is on 7th, too, which means you’ve got a very happy Saturday afternoon ahead.

Modern Manor is open Thursdays through Sundays, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and is just off 7th Avenue and Camelback Road. Address: 716 W. Hazelwood St., Phoenix. 602-509-7709.

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New discoveries: Royal Coffee at the Biltmore

I walked past this about 20 times before Maggie and Marissa brought it to my attention: on the bottom floor of the new Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa at the Biltmore, there’s an outpost of Royal Coffee. We met Marni for a post-workout cup and I thought I’d show you around.

The exterior is midcentury marvelous.


Inside: granola chic.


Marissa, the Vanna White of scones (baked by Urban Cookies):

Even the coffee was pretty, and we loved the Alessi cups. (There’s even an Alessi at the Biltmore, so you can get your own.)

P.S. Is anyone else in utter mourning over the orders closing at the Biltmore? I feel like I lost a dear friend, and I did, really. That’s one of my favorite places in Phoenix.

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