And now for some Louis Vuitton handbag pornography

Have you seen this — the Louis Vuitton fall advertising campaign of cruelty and doom?

The leopard. LEOPARD. It’s making my heart beat like I’m at an 8th grade dance.

The sequins.

The buttons on those freaking amazing ’40s coats.

And look at this gold buckle.

These bags cost $3000 to $5000.

Marc Jacobs, you are mean and cruel.

Marc Jacobs, those goat hair bags are creepy.

But the coats, shoes and hats are heaven — everything I want to be and look like for fall.

Freaking sequined handbags.

Freaking Marc Jacobs and his $3000 purse porn.

The bags come out mid-September.  I ache already.

(I spotted the ads in The New York Times Sunday Magazine. Go newspapers. Three cheers for my beloved NYT.)