Halloween Candy Smackdown

AZCentral’s second annual Halloween candy smackdown begins today — think March Madness brackets, except Snickers vs. Butterfinger. This year, a big controversy: we retired Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups because those show-offs just win everything. Play along and download the brackets for your office here.

At my office, we were manic about choosing the candies and pitting them against one another (watch 12 News’ hilarious video about our top-secret meeting here). I fought hard for my beloved Mellowcreme Pumpkin — which made it into Round One, but faces tough competition in Halloween Peeps. (Megan Finnerty dubbed this the “Jaimee Rose honorary bracket.” I like my sugar in pumpkin colors, OK?)


In our office, we also compete with one another. Everyone brings in a bag of candy, fills out a bracket, and the winner takes all the bags home just in time for trick-or-treating.

I love October.

(A big cheer for our genius AZCentral producer Kylie Gad, who dreamed the candy bracket up.)

And in case you need a creepy place to keep your pumpkins, this porcelain doll head bowl is on sale at Etsy. My mother will LOVE it for her creep-tastic Halloween buffet (which, as you may remember, is served in a coffin).