New York in the Spring (and a great book for the plane)

Marni and I are heading to the city tomorrow for a girls’ weekend and photo booth spree. I’ve never seen New York in the spring. I want to go to the flower market and buy lilies of the valley in homage to Nora Ephron and You’ve Got Mail. (Best New York movie ever, to me.) Helpfully, the city also publishes a guide to monthly blooms. We have big plans for walking, experimental theater, sophisticated art shows, and window-shopping.

Follow our adventures on Instagram, if you’d like (@JaimeeRoseStyle). Here’s what’s going in my carry-on:

Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings is the big, buzzy book of the moment, and I’m biting. It’s about being a teenager at summer camp. I love living in books that remind me of being a teenager in the summer.

Have you ever been to New York in the spring? What was your favorite moment?

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Connor and Brendan

Last night, I went to bed in tears for a mother named Glenda Moore in Staten Island, whose two little boys, aged 2 and 4, were torn from her arms by Hurricane Sandy’s surge. Yesterday, rescue workers found them at the end of the street, drowned. Their names were Connor and Brendan.

According to the Associated Press, Glenda Moore’s SUV stalled in rising water and she lost her grip on the boys as they tried to escape.

“In a panic, she climbed fences and went door-to-door looking in vain for help in a neighborhood that was presumably largely abandoned in the face of the storm. She eventually gave up, spending the night trying to shield herself from the storm on the front porch of an empty home,” AP reported.

This list will help you choose the best way to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

People are hungry and cold. Their homes are underwater or gone. There is a fuel shortage, and it’s hard to get around, to get help, to find family. I’m coming home tomorrow — if I can get to the airport — with this city, and my family, and Connor and Brendan’s mother in my heart.

 The Empire State Building, as seen from the New York Public Library reading room, where I looked for light in the dark.


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Pre-Sandy NYC Joy

The city is starting to come back to life, and I have a flight home that promises not to get cancelled. Meanwhile, before there was Sandy, there was joy. Things I loved in the city:

This foxy doorknocker in the West Village, which reminded me of my Burberry crush.

Kissing pumpkins at Lulu Guinness on Bleecker Street:

Discovering Brooklyn’s Fort Greene, complete with autumn leaves.

A trip with Marni to MJ Trim, craft headquarters of the universe.

An evening at The Standard Grill, ever chic (with the best photo booth in the basement).

Pumpkin doughnuts at Doughnut Plant in Chelsea, my favorite NYC treat.

Iron and webs for the holiday that was cancelled, in the West Village.

An autumnal afternoon on a bench in Union Square Park, where I watched a couple kiss like it was their first date.

Walking to dinner at Co.

A window filled with tiny paper artwork at the beautiful Pushkin on 57th Street, near 5th Avenue.

My temple of doom.

Pumpkins for sale streetside in the Chelsea flower market district — an experience not to be missed.

Warm and stylish surroundings at the new Hotel Gansevoort Park Avenue, where we visited Winston’s Champagne Bar.

Gorgeous autumnal displays in all the restaurants, including Gramercy Tavern, where I had butternut squash soup with chestnuts and lobster. It’s about as perfect as a restaurant can be.

Lunchtime tradition — my beloved Union Square Cafe. Eat at the bar, share incredible salad and pasta and laughs. This is the Barefoot Contessa’s favorite restaurant in the city.

A stop into Fish’s Eddy for kitchen-addled, table setting bliss.

A skeleton in the moon  at Tinsel Trading Co., Martha Stewart’s favorite store in all the world — truly.

And sidewalk wisdom that I found walking the streets.


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NYC discoveries: Joe Fresh and the Pretzel Croissant

Yesterday I had a major NYC windowshop fest (see my route on Twitter or Instagram, @jaimeerosestyle), and wandered into Joe Fresh, which is a new New York City thing — with a website, for those of us in the flyover. (That’s what they call Phoenix here in NYC, the “flyover,” as in “we fly OVER you to get to LA.”)

Kind, those New Yorkers.

Joe Fresh is on the Zara-H&M-high fashion discount train, emphasizing chic basics with a fashion twist. I like that ride. Take a look:

I loved these shoes, which in real life have orange-colored bottoms, Louboutin-style.They’re just $79.

Houndstooth dress, impossible to resist, $49:

Sweet sweater with a fun pattern, $49:

And this sequin-sleeve T-shirt is just $29, and the perfect thing for the upcoming holiday cocktail party parade:

And if you’re one of those bright-pants people (I’m jealous, I wish I had the courage to join you) these are $39 but look expensive:

There’s much more in the store, including a hair calf handbag that resembles Gucci that I am oh-so-tempted to haul home. It’s forest green, or black, or burgundy. So add this shop to your NYC  list.

Lastly, something that I absolutely did not need to know about because we are now plotting how to go back for more: the City Bakery Pretzel Croissant. It defies logic: salty doughy pretzel bread made light and layered like a croissant. It has the malty pretzel gloss finish and ethereal croissant crunch. And sesame seeds on top, like a bagel. Every bread in one. Howl.

Photo from Serious Eats, a great guide to getting yourself in trouble in the city.


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What to pack for NYC

New York is a shoe problem — all cities are. To San Francisco, I dragged a 50-pound monster suitcase which Tyson kindly maneuvered on the subway.  “What’s in here?” he wanted to know. Freaking shoes.

Last week, I helped my friend Cindy pack two small suitcases for four weeks in Europe, so I figured I could get myself into one carry-on for a long weekend in New York. And I did, it too. I’m flying out with Marni this morning and headed to see my girl Shanna and autumn in New York. (Ella Fitzgerald is singing in my mind.)

My travel-light strategy is to choose a color palette of smart basics with major accessories. Here’s how I pack for the city:

1. Three pairs of shoes: Flat walking boots (these are my new loves), tennis shoes that you aren’t embarrassed to wear in public, and one pair of heels that go with everything (see above). Wear the walking boots on the plane.

2. My well-loved map for my annual autumnal walk. (See the route here.) I’m wearing tennis shoes, black yoga pants, a Splendid tunic, and a trench coat. I mean business and major blocks.

3. Two handbags: pack one shoulder bag/tote that is large enough to hold everything you need on the plane — including your laptop or iPad. It will be your everyday bag in the city, too. Second, an evening bag. Below is my beloved Valentino — the bow serves as wristlet and makes it easy to carry and impossible to lose.

4. Layer-ready basics. Rick Steves’ rule is this: if you’re not going to wear it three times, it’s not invited. It also helps to pack lightweight layers in a color scheme: black, cream, leopard and gold. Cindy’s palette was black, gray, cream, and red. You’ll be ready for whatever weather, and your accessories can have the fun.

For five days, I’m bringing: one pair of jeans, two pairs of leggings, one day dress, one evening dress, and one dress that does both.

Also: three thin sweaters. Two T-shirts. Two blouses – one dressy, one casual. Yoga pants, a biker jacket, a lightweight trench coat, and a heavier dress coat.

I pack the three things that could wrinkle in dry-clean bags. It helps keep the wrinkles away — truly.

5. The coat is the most important thing. That’s all anyone ever sees, and it will be in all your photos. You’ll be happy with yourself if you have more than one to wear. I invested in this thin Burberry trench a few years ago. The price per wear is down to pennies at this point, and it’s one of my greatest-ever buys. This coat is similar, and hint: they go on sale. Mine was a steal.

Next, load up on accessories to make your T-shirts and leggings feel fun. I’m bringing:

6. One scarf: this Alexander McQueen scarf was a gift from a friend – apropos for Halloween weekend, right? I can wear it with my coat, use it as a blanket on the plane, or let it dress down a white blouse and thin black sweater. (This is my favorite.)

7. 1-2 statement necklaces: I bring pearls, because I never go anywhere without some iteration. This was a gift from the McQueen friend, as well. She loves me. It makes my day dress an evening dress, and can be a bracelet, too.

8. Small baubles – bring only your trademarks and favorites. This was a gift from Shanna. I adore.

9. I make my cosmetics fight one another for space. Some of my favorite workhorses: solid perfume – Stella by Tocca, Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick to wear every day, Bobbi Brown Shore eyeshadow (thank you, SarahsFabDay), Mac Primer + Powder, and a mini shine spray.

9. You’re allowed one thing that seems a little insane. I threw in a vintage fur collar. Watch me wear this three times. (Take that, Rick Steves.) It can give my dress coat new life or work for dinner at DBGB with jeans and a crewneck sweater.

10. A hostess gift. I believe in gift cards, and my hostess is moving.

11. My LIST. This was last year’s, plotted with Cindy on the plane. I’m a whirling dervish in this city — you’ve never seen a girl move so fast. I have no time for wardrobe fuss — there’s just too much to absorb.

Follow my New York adventures on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram: @JaimeeRoseStyle. I go every year to celebrate my birthday and walk through those golden leaves in the park – the best gift to myself.  Read about my favorite pumpkin donuts here, a destination shop here, adventures in bakeries and bridges here, and a dining guide here.

And please tell me — what can’t I miss in the city?

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Target arrivals: Patch NYC and The Curiosity Shoppe

This Shops-at-Target business is so brilliant that it makes me want to find the person who thought it up, sit them down, and listen to all their ideas. Target is bringing the best independent boutiques that we all love to discover on our travels right to Target’s shelves.  Two of my favorite shops anywhere — PATCH NYC and San Francisco’s The Curiosity Shoppe — will be landing in Target Sept. 9.

I think it’s important to report on the stylish happenings of Target, so here’s what I’ll be stalking that day:

Patch NYC owl bookends, $24.99.

Patch NYC is famous for drawings like these by artist Don Carney. You’ve seen them in John Derian, Elle Decor, and in a collection for West Elm. I interviewed him once.  The cat is coooooool.

These drawings will not be sold in Target, but I wanted to show you the reference point here.

Perfect for one of those hipster nurseries I see everywhere: this woodpecker lamp, $49.

This candelabra is soon to be the most photographed accessory in blogland — but I still want to find a place for it at my house: $39.

I’m not over deer heads or antlers, and I’m happy that the cool cats aren’t either. This cake plate is $25.

These make me want to conceptualize and throw a woodland chic autumn dinner party. With moss. Much moss. $10 to $20.

I plan to purchase this feather tray in mass quantities. Add soap = hostess gift. Add cute pencils = birthday gift. Add cheese = contribution to dinner party. Add jewelry = bedroom accessory. Add candy = even better. It’s $20.

And if you need candy, San Francisco’s The Candy Store is another of the pop-up shops in Target Sept. 9. These cute canisters are $5 each.

(All of this is making me very excited for an autumn trip to San Francisco with Tyson.)

The Curiosity Shoppe’s Target offerings include a gift wrap collection that will be impossible to resist – $5 to $10.

Wood grain notecards? A punctuation journal. This is going to be bad. $5 to $10.


Giving this to many people for Christmas: wooden U.S. cutting board, $25.


It’s possible that these dishes are supposed to be for kids. But I can appreciate a campy roadside motel theme. $2 to $5.


Why can’t all baking utensils have pretty handles? The measuring cups would also make fantastic hostess gifts for the cocktail parties at Christmas. $9 to $15.


You know everyone is going to have these pillows perched on vintage chairs in their autumnal living rooms. They’re awesome. $10 each.

What do you have to have from the list above?




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