Blue talk and love*

Finally September, and I think everything is going to be OK.

I found some fun to look forward to, and stories I’m excited to tell, which is my personal definition of How To Be Happy (or how to get to October, at least.)

1. Arizona Restaurant Week is Sept. 17-25, and I’m excited to try Beckett’s Table with the girls. (Also: lucky me, because restaurant week always encompasses Ty’s birthday, and he always wants to go to Vincent’s.) The participating restaurant list is here. Howie Seftel also thinks good options are a Brazilian meat fest at Fogo de Chao, Donovan’s (because they’re serving his favorite filet), NOCA (as ever), and Posh — the cool improv restaurant.


2. In Flagstaff this weekend, the forecast is 82 degrees, and I’m told there are wild blackberries growing along the water in Oak Creek Canyon. Ty will be fishing, and I will be picking a pie.

3. And if you’re driving north this weekend, too, or any weekend in October: happy news. There will be pumpkins on the way. Young’s Farm in Dewey has been taken over by Mortimer Family Farms, and there will be fields of orange. This alone is enough, really, isn’t it? That the pumpkins are growing.

4. Do you know about Bauble Bar? It’s a new website with crazy cool jewelry at affordable prices. And no matter how hot it is, a girl can always wear bits of autumn on her arms.

*Blue talk and love — the lyrics to Earth, Wind and Fire’s song about Dancing in September, of course.