Silhouette Stationery


For Angela’s birthday, I turned her silhouette into stationery, bundled it up with pink ribbon, and tucked it into a vintage silver toast rack — my new favorite way of organizing stationery/bills/etc.

Keep your eye out for these lovelies in antique stores — toast racks are inexpensive, need just a bit of polish, and are deliciously chic. (Use them to display napkins, organize bills, or, you know, serve toast.) I also printed her siIhouette on cardstock to make a gift tag, and wrapped it all in cellophane and some killer pink ribbon I bought in New York. (Angela: sacrificing this ribbon is proof I love you.) Cellophane is one of my favorite tricks. I never wrap anything these days.















I’d tell you how to make these, but it’s not easy, requires spray paint, manicure scissors, a scanner,  templates galore, and a hunk of hours.

But my brilliant friend Andrea — who designs AZ Magazine — bought a letterpress and we’re giving my own silhouette notecards a test run soon. As soon as she has it all ready, I’ll share.

P.S. Want some serious crafty inspiration? Don’t miss Eddie Ross today. That Eddie. Mon dieu.

And did you see Jordan’s post on cheap Paper Mart grosgrain ribbon — cheap as in 25 yards of my favorite ribbon for $2. Seriously.