My Pumpkin Party: All the pretties and treats

Scenes from my pumpkin brunch:

(My new mercury glass bell jar from FOUND — a beloved birthday gift from Christina.)

Pumpkin mini muffins with maple cream cheese icing — my most evil creation of the year.

Pumpkin teapots (above) and pumpkins on the orchids (below):

Pink calla lilies with pumpkin undertones:

Happy friends:

A buffet piled high with pumpkin things: soup and muffins and yogurt-granola parfaits topped with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

Utensils lined up on a tray:

Pumpkins lined up on my table:

An autumnal salad with Gruyere, toasted walnuts and pomegranate seeds:

I cheated and used paper napkins, and you know what? The world is still turning.

Lynne Bonnell’s burlap pumpkins came, too:

Roasted sweet potatoes with rosemary:

Mimosas like mad:

Piles of pumpkins, everywhere I could fit them:


Homemade quiche — my first, and I’m converted (recipe here):

Treats galore:

And another one for the road:

(Pumpkin muffin recipe coming tomorrow, and I’m not sure whether to apologize or curtsy. They’re diabolical.)

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Scarlett’s Strawberry Shortcake Tea Party

I thought the cutest thing I’d ever encountered was my 3-year-old niece Scarlett, calling me on the phone: “Jaimee, will you come to my Strawberry Shortcake birfday party?” Will I ever.

And then I went to her Strawberry Shortcake birthday party, which my sister Kapri turned into 3-year-old nirvana — also known as a tea party — and watched Scarlett running around in a strawberry tutu and a strawberry purse. And that was the cutest thing on the planet.

The invites:

The room:

Strawberry cake pops, made by my sister, (who may be nuts):

The outfit:

And yes, that is a baby strawberry purse.


The party favors for each guest — aprons monogrammed by my sister (certifiably nuts):

Birthday cupcakes, candles (and helpers named Blake):

Decorating with dolls:

Kapri, pouring “tea” . . .

. . . which was really water . . .

. . . or strawberry soda.

The food matched:

Did you know there are strawberry-shaped marshmallows?

Scarlett’s balloons:

And the second round of party favors:

A pinata to match:

Baby brother and Granni, dressed as decor:

And a happy little girl, who asked last week if she could have another Strawberry Shortcake birthday party, and when.

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The Royal Martha Stewart family wedding, by David Stark

“Did you see the wedding?” my friend Mark Karp wanted to know.

“What wedding?” I said.

“You don’t know?” he said, and sent me the link.

Sooo . . . if you are Martha Stewart’s fabulous nephew, and you and your groom are willing to let auntie set her staff (and the famous event planner David Stark) on your wedding, fabulosity occurs.

I love the twine-wrapped bottles and urns. Must try this.

Prettiest way to serve caramel lady apples ever:

Helps when Martha’s your aunt, and throws your wedding on her lawn . . .I’m crazy for this greenery arch:

The grooms are musicians, so cue the sheet music guest book.

Gatsby, anyone?

The requisite Hamptons-fabulous tent:

Thanks, Mark, for the eye candy. I’m thinking twine-wrapped urns when you decorate for the Derby party next year!

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