A Sneak Peek at the Sweet Salvage Sale

The new Sweet Salvage flash sale starts tomorrow (Thursday) and runs through Sunday. I went in for a sneak peek at the vintage goods, just so I could show you. It’s gooood, my friends. Call a friend. Get up early. Get in line. The doors open at 10 a.m.

I’m dying over these authentic vintage subway signs, about $250 each.


Oh, you know, just a vintage grand piano for under $1500.


This month’s theme is “At the Movies,” and Stephanie Williams’ booth boasts a Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe Theme. I want the lion, especially.


There’s a pair of these towering French balloon garden chairs. They’re my favorite find.


This pair of vintage medical chests would make killer nightstands. $199 each.


Pretty tufted chair. $399.


This cabinet’s price is MADNESS. $795. I’m coveting. And possibly buying. JaimeeRose_SweetSalvagePhoenixSneakPeek

Next movie section: Bond. James Bond, of course. JaimeeRose_SweetSalvagePhoenixSneakPeek

Cutest playroom storage ever. $300. Crazytown.


Fun metal LOVE sign.


In the “It’s Complicated” section, which has a sweet kitchen theme, I’m loving this vintage medical cabinet. If I was building a house, I’d build it into my kitchen. Or bathroom. Or closet.


JaimeeRose_SweetSalvagePhoenixSneakPeek IMG_6205

Sweet Salvage runs through Sunday. Go early, and tell me what you find!

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The Sweet Salvage Shopping Wars (Vintage Furniture Fights)

Sweet Salvage is a four-day vintage market that happens the third weekend of every month on 7th Avenue in Phoenix. The doors open at 10 a.m., but the line starts forming at 7:30 a.m., and we’re talking about waiting OUTSIDE, people. In  Phoenix. In June.

Once the doors open, it’s all elbows and running and squealing and getting your yellow name tag on things as fast as you can. The fire marshal has rules about the crowds. Some shoppers even pay $25 to preview the sale the night before it starts, and then line up and sweat for two hours to come home with a vintage farmhouse table for $249. Yesterday, my partner in crime and I spent $5000 in 30 minutes. We’d been sweating in line since 8 a.m.



Have you ever been to Last Chance to see what happens when the workers roll out a new cart of Marc Jacobs handbags and the shoppers swarm like feral cats? Yeah, it’s like that.

These shoppers are definitely on something. (I had such a laugh when I spotted these vintage flash cards whilst being jostled and tugged by hungry furniture fiends yesterday.)

It’s also SO much fun and not to be missed. Go in the afternoon to skip the lines. There are still piles of treasures to claim.

Sweet Salvage is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. today through Sunday.  Here’s a peek inside the frenzied shopping morning I shared with Angela Karp. Go with someone who you know will help you fight for black chippy-paint postal cabinets and wrought iron paneling. I did.



The line stretches around the building. Bottled water and complimentary umbrellas are on hand.


There’s a styled-out refreshment cart, complete with Diet Coke, hot dogs, and chips.


Angela and I ate all three, for breakfast.


Once inside, it’s treasure time. We loved this vintage game board.

I should have bought ALL of these green flower frogs. Dorie, tell me you got them, at least.


It’s fun to scour through all the styled vignettes to find the good stuff. I liked this light, below.


Inside Sweet Salvage, among the fighting hordes, I’ve spotted designers like me, event planners like Angela, bloggers, restaurant designers and even boutique owners who buy this stuff, mark it up, and resell it across town.

THAT good, my friends. Go.

And a special thanks to Sweet Salvage’s Stephanie, whom we loved shopping with, as well.

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Zara is coming to Scottsdale

Be still my studded shoulder pads. Zara is coming to Scottsdale Fashion Square. A sign inside the mall promises that we can all get our Valentino knockoffs “soon.”

Let’s meet in the parking lot outside Barneys for a rain dance and make more faux leather jackets fall from the sky.

I sound mean. I don’t feel mean.

I LOVE my faux leather jacket from Zara. This arrival is joyous news.

My current Zara love list:

Cheerleader-inspired sweatshirt, which is apropos for the opening, don’t you think? $79.

Sexy studded sandals for spring, $99.

So into this orange tote, $169.

You all know how I feel about a good jumpsuit. $79.

These look expensive. $89.

I own and love this. $299.

I’ll share the opening date as soon as it’s announced.

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Local love: I’m smitten with Vintage By Misty (and win $ for shopping local)

Misty and I have been “dating” for months now: a friend would try to set us up, and then we’d email, or text on Facebook, and then another friend would tell me that Misty is perfect for me, and then Misty would hear the same thing.

Misty owns a vintage fashion shop downtown, full of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent and leopard print and everyone who knows the two of us wanted to get us together. It happened, at long last. I went in. I lost my mind. I was there until the shop closed. I bought Christmas presents. I made Christmas wish lists. And now I email her once a week about another thing I need.  She also has an Etsy shop for her higher-end things, but then you won’t get to scope the bargain finds, or meet Misty, which is half the fun.


Misty makes jewels out of vintage Chanel buttons. I love them to distraction. They are surprisingly affordable. Rings start at $65.


Misty also stocks killer vintage pieces, like this Dior jacket which is haunting my dreams.


The jewelry is insane. Christina Brian, you need this Guillemette L’Hoir Tribal Necklace.

This Chanel button ring is just $90:

This is beautiful Misty. I love her.


These earrings …. oh, dear.



As for what I had to have, this Razza lion necklace is a hint.

I’ll show you when I wear it, and I’ll show you the other crazy thing I had to have  on Instagram and Twitter today, so follow along ( Twitter: @JaimeeRose, Instagram: @JaimeeRoseStyle). It’s from the men’s department.

Vintage By Misty is at 818 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, and parking is  in the back of the store. Follow along on Facebook  to see her latest finds. Also, the entire store is currently on sale.


When you’re out and about and shopping local, post photos of your favorite shops on Instagram and tag them #ReStyleShoutOut. REstyleSOURCE will be giving out random $50 gift cards to our Instagram taggers. Fun, right?

When you’re Tweeting and Instagramming in your favorite Phoenix shops, tag them #myphx to help the Phoenix Convention and Visitors’ Bureau. They’re running a big social media tourism campaign to bring $$$ to our fair state. You can also win a staycation in one of our glam resorts. Details here.



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Go There: Frances Holiday Shop

I wandered into the Frances Pop-up Holiday Shop in Phoenix over the weekend, found myself in Christmas wonderland. You’ll all want to visit immediatement.  It’s piled with old-fashioned ornaments, glitter-covered bristle trees, and gingerbread heaven. (Also, the GOOD candy canes, from Hammond’s.) Find it in the same stripmall as Frances on Central and Camelback in Phoenix. I found a wreath that reminded me of my Granna and the one that used to hang in her hallway. Thank you, Frances, for that memory of her.



This would be a mercury glass ANCHOR ornament. My nautical leanings are tempted.


The best candy canes from Hammond’s, and they come in many colors. (I bought white, because I’m insane like that.) Try the ones filled with chocolate, which Tyson’s mom turned me onto. Hammond’s is in Denver, near T’s home town.





The wreath that I found and love:

Again, Frances is at 10 W. Camelback Road in Phoenix, on the northwestern corner of Camelback and Central.


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New shop alerts: Restoration Hardware and The French Bee

Restoration Hardware just opened a new three-level temple at the Scottsdale Quarter. I attended the opening party with friends and dreamed about pulling an all-nighter  — as in they’d find me in the corner bedroom in the morning, pretending I belonged. Also newly ensconced in fancypants digs at 32nd Street and Camelback Road: my beloved French Bee, a decor boutique that feels like a Parisian hotel (and sells the best silk floral arrangements in the country — which is why Michael Hansen is going global as we speak). A look inside both:

The chandeliers at RH are just cruel.

Fashion writer Corbin Chamberlin and me, working the black. (My dress is here.)

Also in attendance: the man in the Restoration Hardware catalog, chairman Gary Friedman. I curtsied. (And Jan Bracamonte, can you please print that sweet introduction on business cards? I’m still smiling about it.)

The chandeliers were killing me. I wonder how many chandelier Gary Friedman has in his house.

And meanwhile, at The French Bee, which has moved to 32nd Street and Camelback next to Delux, Molina, NOCA, and Safeway, there are Chanel boxes.

Dear Tyson: PLEASE?

It’s a sprawling, gorgeous, store. Go visit.


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Localove: UNION now open at Biltmore Fashion Park

Imagine mini versions of the best local boutiques complete with a bicycle shop, a whoopie pie window, and a custom parfumerie, and that’s UNION — a thoughtful, cutting-edge co-op that opens today at Biltmore Fashion Park. There’s a restaurant, a newsstand, dress shop, an outpost of Queen Creek Olive Mill, even a Royal Coffee bar. I went to the opening bash last night and watched as the stylish set around town lapped it up. Bravo, Lew Gallo: what an idea. Would you like to see inside?

UNION is Arizona-centric right down to the salvaged wood interiors and the restaurant manager: Lisa G., who used to make beloved meatballs at her restaurant on 7th St. Lew Gallo and Macerich made sure of that. Lew’s shop, For the People, is where I plan to buy many Christmas gifts, including this killer gray leather pig. (Isn’t Lew debonair?)

One of the best things: cloud vases from ASU professor and local artist Sam Chung, also at For the People.

Paris Envy has moved here from 7th Avenue — and wait until you see co-owner Jason Moore’s handmade chandeliers. They were my find of the night.

The Willows Home & Garden is here in miniature:

Smeeks has moved here now, too — candy and novelties galore.

A small version of Frances, in the house, where I liked this sign and these killer padlocks:

Citrine is a beauty bar where you can learn about natural makeup, find my favorite perfume in the world, or create your own.

There’s a British bicycle shop, where the handles and seats are leather-wrapped. Go just to see the basket collection.

I loved the Bonafide menswear boutique – from the folks behind The Clotherie:

Oh, those whoopie pies. You want the pumpkin.

The fantastically named sunglass boutique, Me Myself and Eye:

Pretty patio:

Customatic comes from local architects who build chess sets and make interesting things — look at this booth closely.

There’s even a newsstand and a card shop — all the good bits that we love in those rare, hard-to-find places called bookstores:

UNION is at Biltmore Fashion Park on 24th Street and Camelback, near Stingray Sushi.

Also opening today: Restoration Hardware’s three-story temple at the Scottsdale Quarter. Photos to come from last night’s opening gala.

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New Discoveries: Modern Manor in Phoenix

I’m so behind. There are still Christmas decorations in a box in my entry, and today I told my editor that I had plenty of time to set up a story about a February 11 event we’ve been discussing. “It’s March,” she said.

And how did that happen, I want to know? (Tucson.) Anyway, I’m late on this, too, but finally got to visit Modern Manor in Phoenix’s Melrose Design district. It’s an amazing haunt for vintage and industrial finds, and the owners share my love of lucite and tufting. I felt like I’d washed up in Palm Springs.

A virtual droolfest:

Saarinen tulip chairs, anyone?

This Milo Baughman rocker and ottoman set is just unfair.

I lost my head over the collection of vintage sign letters and have big plans for a few (that I hope are still there.) They even have the old Electric Ladyland sign.

This chaise wants to be white, and it wants to be my new reading nook.

I spied a vintage card catalog, even.

Ah, smoking accessories. (Hey, it was glamorous for a reason.) Perhaps one could employ this lucite cigarette lighter as a scented candle lighting tool instead.

Sweet lamps in turquoise: the bloggers’ color du jour.

Also: they have 450 Herman Miller chairs on the way.

It’s next door to Phoenix Metro Retro, a midcentury hotspot, and steps from all the antique shops on 7th Ave. America’s Taco Shop is on 7th, too, which means you’ve got a very happy Saturday afternoon ahead.

Modern Manor is open Thursdays through Sundays, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and is just off 7th Avenue and Camelback Road. Address: 716 W. Hazelwood St., Phoenix. 602-509-7709.

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