Pinwheel Party

Inspired by Kate Spade ads and rumors of a Kate Spade pinwheel cart making its way about New York, I put together this pinwheel party for AZ Magazine. I’m thinking you take the whole thing outside and set up pinwheels by the pool.

Find instructions and sources for all the goodies here. Photos, as ever, by the wonderful Michael McNamara.

The menu: Old-fashioned corn dogs and fries to match old-fashioned pinwheels. (P.S. The corn dog is totally from the drive-through of Sonic.)

A pinwheel placesetting, courtesy Target.

The best cheater margaritas ever, plus a pinwheel garnish.

Sunscreen party favors, because what else do you want in a pool party?

Dessert: Pinkberry-style frozen yogurt that you can make at home.

P.S. The Kate Spade ad: