My big news

I have a thrilling new job.

You all know how I feel about local love. Supporting local shops and businesses is important to me. I am thrilled that I get to make this happen. is the national guide to local shops and restaurants, launching in January. Like your favorite blog or magazine, REstyle Source will show you beautiful places and designer spaces. But when you spot something that you’ve just gotta have, we’ll show you where you can get it in an independent store near you.

Also – we’ll be your tour guide to the best local shops and restaurants in the big cities we all adore. (My globe-shopping adventures have been well documented here, so that’s going to be fun.)

Leaving the newspaper after 14 years was heart-wrenching. During my last week, I drove around town listening to songs about lost love, and all the lyrics applied. I’ll continue my work as a journalist in freelance forums now, and I’m excited to make that great. And this blog, as ever, will continue right here.

REstyle Source is about everything I love: design, beauty, restaurants, cities, small discoveries, large dreams and the joy in sharing that with others. What an opportunity to be a part of something so right.

So, come find REstyle Source on Facebook and Instagram (@REstyleSource), where it’s all Christmas, and all kinds of fun. (Just WAIT til I show you the gift wrap we’re working on for next week.) Don’t forget to get on the list for our launch here. Come share the local love.

*”Joy” photo by David Mills, design by Kristin Alber for REstyle Source.

*Kitchen photo by Michael J. Lee Photography, design by Katie Rosenfeld and Rachel Reider Interiors.