Roast Chicken

There needed to be roast chicken in my house this weekend. If there needs to be roast chicken in yours, may I suggest the reknowned Zuni Cafe recipe. Worship. Obey. Take comfort. I did.

The perfect roast chicken recipe has been eluding me. (Why all this talk, I wondered?) And then, there was this: a revelation. Sudden understanding. Now I see: roast chicken is awesome.

The recipe is here. I obeyed, but added two tablespoons each chopped fresh rosemary and chives and put them with the salt under the skin — the salt, I think, is the key to this entire enterprise. Also: my chicken was 6 pounds from Trader Joe’s. It is the best I’ve had . . . and I’ve been to Zuni Cafe.

Pair it with a big pan of roasted McClendon’s vegetables.