Weekend on Coronado

I’m in San Diego working on a few stories for the newspaper and spent the weekend at my friends’ place on Coronado. Being here as a journalist reminds me of my summer as a very young reporter for the LA Times, when I’d spend lonely evenings on the beach watching sunsets and thinking big.

This view has always felt like my personal reset button.

Some scenes from the weekend:

A drippy yellow plum . . .

. . . enjoyed with this view.

The grande dame of seaside hotels, which is across the street:

A visit to Seaside Papery to indulge my paper-hoarding problems:

Blushing piles of blood oranges at the Sunday morning farmer’s market:

A morning walk around the island to admire the things that grow wild in people’s front yard — enormous calla lilies, even:

The chandelier at the Hotel Del:

Easter-egg-hued hydrangeas at my favorite garden shop:

This morning, the beach is cold and gray — just another kind of beautiful. I’m wearing two sweaters to my interview — which is kind of a gift.

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More San Diego favorites

My guide yesterday was incomplete. I remembered these essentials from a few years back. One must:

Read on the beach in front of the Hotel Del. It’s really the best beach, I think.

Go to Point Loma Seafoods for dinner supplies/a fish sandwich/fish tacos/anything:

Fish tacos:

Ride a bike around Coronado and admire things that grow when it isn’t hellatiously hot outside:














Also, pretty houses:

Go downtown for this:

And if you can, find yourself a convertible and ride around. That’s actually our favorite thing to do.

Shopping — I like to go to West Elm, but we have our own now, don’t we? (Truth: I REALLY like to drive north for a day and go to South Coast Plaza/Fashion Island/Juxtaposition Home, but when you’re there with your whole family, that gets hard.)

Also, picnics on Sunset Cliffs. (Don’t take little kids. There aren’t any rails, which is why it’s so beautiful.)

Now seriously: I need some new things to do. What are your favorite San Diego activities?

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