New Shop Alert: Scottsdale Quarter’s Kitty, It’Sugar, MiniBar.Ber.Shop

Confession: I’m considering putting up the Christmas decorations this weekend. I’m ready. I’m excited. It’s been a long, hard year — and I want coziness, twinkle lights, and packages wrapped in silver bows.

I got even more excited after a recent trip to the Scottsdale Quarter, my new favorite place to Christmas shop. My sisters, Mom and I trolled around and left impressed by the new boutiques that have joined West Elm, Pottery Barn, H & M, and Apple, too.

First stop: Kitty, a locally-owned boutique that is all things black, white, pink and Hello, Kitty. It’s calibrated to set off hysterics in all humans possessing the XX chromosome, of any age. And Hello, Pretty.

I spotted gifts galore (and the eyelashes jar, I want someone to give to me):

My niece Scarlett has this tea set. It’s unconscionable to be this jealous of a three-year-old:

Next door to Kitty: MiniBar.Ber.Shop — owned by Mrs. Kitty’s husband. It’s KILLER – a cafe/bar/boutique/barbershop combined where men can drink beer while they get their hair cut, and the flat-screens are perma-tuned to football. ($20 haircut, $2 beer.) I loved the shopping selection, too — so much. Stocking stuffers for him (and ME!) Also, the decor — so inspiring. Look:

Let me help you translate. Think Mini Bar (sandwiches by Vincent, even):

Plus Barber:

Plus shop:

I was charmed by the letterpress stationery and witty coffee table book selection. Am going back for gifts.

Aaaaand, there’s a new candy store at the Quarter. And it’s crazy good. (Angela: let’s GO!) It’Sugar is all you could hope for in stocking stuffer shopping: giant Twizzlers, candy by the bulk, gummy monograms, even Reeses’s Peanut Butter Cups that weigh a half-pound each. Yowza.

Scarlett’s mother bought her this:

For all men:

So, yes. The Quarter. You must go. And Kierland is just across the street. (Outdoor malls in November/December are a Reason To Live in Arizona.)

And what do you think? This weekend — too early for Christmas?