Missoni Day! And Zara! And Sprinkles Mini Cupcakes! Topshop Chicago!

I don’t know how we ladies can navigate a sea of such tempting ways to spend money and calories, but here’s to full-force female indulgence. It’s a good week to be a girl.

1) It’s Missoni-at-Target Day. Yes, as in right now you should be stalking Target.com to see if the zigzaggery is online yet . That, or if its past 8 am, driving to your nearest shop. And then come back, ’cause I’ve got more to tell you here and besides — I want to know what you got! I want everything black and white, namely.

2) Remember when I told you that Zara was FINALLY offering online shopping? Yep, it’s time for that, too. The site has been live for a few days. I’m crushing on these two-tone patent leather riding boots. Can’t believe they could actually land on my doorstep. $89.

3. Sprinkles now makes mini cupcakes — an announcement far more friendly to wearing Missoni zigzag sweater knit than the original Sprinkles cupcakes could ever be. They’re available for pre-order in any of Sprinkles’ daily flavors. I can’t wait to try. To me, small cupcakes taste better. (Less cake, more frosting.) $24 per dozen.

4. Topshop is now open on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The famous London high-fashion (and low-price) shop opened its first American outpost  in New York two years ago. The Chicago flagship is number two, and begins the western migration. (Las Vegas is next, according to The Telegraph.) Olivia Palermo gets half her wardrobe there it seems. I have one truly killer Kate Moss-designed dress with feather sleeves and a double-digit price tag. I like double digits in price tags and forecasts. (Phoenicians — how happy are we!?)

Now, seriously, did you do Missoni damage? Dish.