Scenes from a summer weekend

This weekend, I took my favorite Georgia peach out to Schnepf Farms. (Wednesday may be the last day for peaches, depending on how hot it gets.) The apricots were gorgeous.

We ate about a thousand peaches.

For laughs, we brought back the hats from our Georgia swamp tour — complete with mosquito netting, which I should have worn. (I got 16  mosquito bites.)

We went to the olive mill and admired the sunflowers.

And went to my dad’s garden for a Sunday morning raid.

I brought home zucchini blossoms, dreaming of recreating some I had in Lake Como, Italy.

It is a wonder that anyone ever lets a flower turn into a squash. Flash fried and stuffed with mozzarella, basil and lemon zest, the blossoms are incredible. Tyson and I fought over the last one.

I did let him have the last bite. 

This recipe was exactly the thing I dreamed of, and the lemon zest is key. Want some? You can get squash blossoms from Bob McClendon this Wednesday at the Town and Country Farmers Market. Dear Bob, please save two bundles for me. (P, I’m adding them to our Wednesday night menu.)

We had bruschetta to go with the fried flowers, made from my Dad’s tomatoes, Simply Bread, and Chris Bianco’s olive oil.












For dessert, there was peach pie. Peonies from Trader Joe’s decorated the table (in my vintage treasured trophy).

And we celebrated Taylor’s birthday (party photos to come). The fedora was fedorable, indeed.

I love him.