Story event tonight! (And books and dresses and a sale on my favorite leopard-print skirt.)

Are you coming tonight? I hope so. And if we haven’t met, please come say hello. The storymistress here has us all practicing — and we’ve decided my embarrassing moment story takes too long to tell. Instead, I’m offering a much better story that I’ve never told before. 7:30 p.m. Desert Botanical Garden. Food + drink + BeauMAC! $10 suggested donation.

Totally unrelated, but I’m on deadline and rushed today, so forgive me: Many of my favorite fall finds have come from Ann Taylor, which is having quite a chic moment  — and, right now, a 40% off everything sale.

This skirt is all kinds of awesome, regularly $118, but $70 on sale. Also — that’s called “quiet leopard print,” according to Ann Taylor. I think that means you can wear it to work.

Don’t miss the little black dresses, either. They’re all textured, sequined or leather-trimmed and cut to kill. This one is regularly $348, but leather is high on most fashionistas’ must-list for fall.

Lastly, I’m 2/3 through Justin Torres’ We The Animals, which is making me cringe in a post about a leopard-print skirt, and I promise I didn’t plan that. Anyway, it’s something to behold. The writing is ethereal and original, and the stories –well, you’ll see.  Everyone’s talking about it, so you’ve likely heard good things, and yes — believe them, and buy it.