Studded Pumpkin Towers

I like to make nailhead pumpkins because when they’re finished and I walk by,  I can greet them: “Hello, stud.”

This year, I had a request for more studded squash from a reader and came up with these towers — a fun and fast project.

You need pumpkins and nailheads. I like to use faux pumpkins for this because nailheads are expensive, and this way, your time and investment can live a long, happy life. In Arizona, you can find piles of nailheads at Fabric Depot on Cave Creek and Bell Road in Phoenix, one of my secret sources for all things fabric, upholstery and decor. This site also has a good selection. Also try Mesa Sales or Tempe Sales.

They even make rhinestoned nailheads these days.

Next, cut the stems off your faux pumpkins, and stack them up, using hot glue to secure. (In my family, we call this Hot Fear, because that what baby Rome used to call it, and when the stuff gets on you, there is cause for fear indeed. Ow.)

Start adding nailheads. I like to mix and match sizes and finishes. They go in really easily. This whole project took me 20 minutes.

Mine have a permanent home outside my front door — where they can greet guests and I don’t have to worry about them wilting in the heat.

P.S. Remember my other nailhead pumpkin, the original? See it and a pile of other nailhead pumpkin ideas here. (Monograms! Addresses!)



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Daily pumpkin: Hello, stud.

I love a sassy studded pumpkin, as you well know. This season, I’ve noticed new takes on my favorite way to dress a squash. (The best place to find nailheads of all sorts in the Valley: Fabric Depot and Supply on Cave Creek and Bell Road.)

Black tacks, from Better Homes and Gardens:

Zigzags and stripes from Southern Living, styled by Matthew Mead:

This would take just five minutes, I bet — from Family Chic:

Gold thumbtacks (and a lot of hours) — I’d do this on a Funkin and add a real stem. You don’t want to do this to a squash you can’t keep around. By Madigan Made.

Monograms — the simpler the font, the better:

Still my favorite pumpkin photos ever, from Cottage Living:

and Sweet Paul:

And you all remember mine, of course:

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