Februweary (and my Super Bowl bash)

Oh, my. Here’s the thing about working for a start-up: every other part of your life shuts down. It’s exciting (we had four million hits in our first month!), and exhausting (there was the day I worked from 8 am to 2 a.m.) and rewarding (I’m just back from NYC, where I got to hang out with Sweet Paul and go to The Novogratz’ house). And then my dad got married in the middle of everything, and I hopped on a plane to SLC for ALT. And then to New York.

But I’ve missed you. And my bed. And my fiance. And the gym.

My goal is to reclaim a piece of my life each day of February. I’ll go to the gym tomorrow. Today, I choose you.

Want to see a few snapshots of the Super Bowl bash I threw with Tyson?  We had four friends over for crab claws, root beer, football cookies, and Beyonce. Everyone was British, and we had to explain onion dip.There is no explaining Beyonce, except to say that I love her. And that after staring at those thighs, I REALLY need to go to the gym.


My party theme was referee stripes, which conveniently worked with my dinnerware collection. The cookies were from Barb’s Bakery, via AJ’s. (Thanks, Elle!)


Ty and I love to order crab claws from Florida for celebratory events, and we owed our friends some major celebrating. (They took me to Waverly Inn in NYC. $85 truffle mac and cheese, people. Also, we sat next to the Coen Brothers.) The claws are a splurge, but I love that they’re beautiful, shipped ready-to-serve, and impressive. We buy them from Best Stone Crabs, and they’re always good.  My vintage lucite tower is from MacAlpine’s in Phoenix.



I also got to bust out my old trophy collection and vintage megaphone from FOUND. I was cheering for the game to end, honestly, but I loved setting the table for a bash. And grocery shopping with Tyson, who was very charming about menu planning for our (mostly) British friends.

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