Fall Craft Week: Sweets and a Cupcake Contest

What, you thought we were going to get through this week without a calorie fix? Sacrilege. Sugar is my favorite medium.

How about a Candy Corn Milkshake, as imagined by local Susan Crabtree? (Mini versions would be perfect for my mom’s Halloween bash.)

Candy Corn Cheesecake Mousse from Glorious Treats, which gloriously does not taste like candy corn at all. (Hey, I love it, but only in its original form.)

Brain cupcakes from Martha, of course. In my family, we believe in gross-out food.

Ghost cupcakes, draped in rolled fondant — genius, because you can buy it at Michaels.

Rice Krispie treats that pay homage to the pumpkin. (Rolled fondant leaves and Tootsie Roll stem!)

Cupcake liners turned into witch hats from Half Baked:

Licorice trees with a candy corn fence, from Parents Magazine:

Are you ready to get your treat on? Assemble your sprinkles and get decorating. AZCentral’s first annual cupcake decorating contest is officially ON, and the deadline is Monday, Oct. 10. GET THIS: There’s no taste test. This contest is about looks alone. (I think this means you can go buy a box of muffins and have at it.) Email photos of your frosting achievements to kylie.gad@arizonarepublic.com.  Details here.