Taylor is one: E-I-E-I-O

Are you ready for squeal-inducing cuteness? Taylor turned one, and my sister Heidi gave him a down-home bash on her “farm.”

Cake made by my mother, who makes all her grandchildren’s first birthday cakes (and calls me in a panic the hour before, because she has inevitably dropped it.) My mom is something else — something wonderful.

Heidi decorated the buffet and the baby. His outfit might have been my favorite thing.





















Care for a cow pie? Heidi made cute farm-themed labels for all the treats.

Party favors: animal crackers, of course.

So many sweet details:

Taylor is lucky to have such a thoughtful Mom.

I love them both, oh so much.

Thanks to my sister Kapri for the good photos. (I, of course, am responsible for the bad ones. )