Easy Lemon Vanilla Waffles (from a mix)

Once upon a cabin on Aspen mountain, there was waffle mix and hungry people who like their waffles to be a little bit more. I added lemon zest, vanilla, and vanilla sugar to Bisquick, and oh, my. This is our new favorite Sunday morning treat. Ty even made it for his parents. I think you should try it this lovely October weekend.

Take the standard Bisquick box recipe:

Add the zest of one lemon, one teaspoon of vanilla, and a tablespoon or two of vanilla sugar, if you have any. (If not, add plain sugar and another half-teaspoon of vanilla.) Bake them in a waffle iron on the hottest setting. (We like our waffles crispy.)

A side of our favorite uncured bacon from Trader Joe’s is just what you need to soak up the extra maple syrup. (Uncured vs cured — I have no idea what the merits of each camp may be. I just know that this is the best-tasting bacon there is, even when I’m lazy and make it in the microwave.)

Also: try sliced bananas on top of the waffles. That’s heaven.

An indulgence, but isn’t that what Sunday mornings (and CBS Sunday Morning) are for?