I’m declaring it free season on Fall: West Elm preview

Here is the only way to get through this naughty 106-degree late September day: we are going to look at pictures of pumpkins and Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes, we are.

The West Elm holiday preview landed in my inbox moments ago, and and I’m a touch giddy. Soon, people, soon.

Soon it will be 90.

Soon we can have dinner parties with pumpkin tureens. (And soon — as in next week — much of this will be in West Elm stores and online.)

We can think about our Thanksgiving menus. And — even better — SETTING THE TABLE. My friend Jessica from Zumba whispered during a break recently that she has already made her Thanksgiving place cards out of Eucalyptus bark. I love Jessica.

And soon after that, it will be 80, and we can have Santa cookie jars and teasets in our kitchens, with hot cocoa on tap. (Dear Tyson, if you bring home this cookie jar, I will keep it full for you all December long.)

Soon enough, it might even be 70 degrees at night, and we can think about wooden Christmas trees and fires on the grate.

(Those bottle brush trees are fantastic.)

And soon, we might have people actually wanting to come visit us again, in which case I need to put a lamp and proper night stand in my guest room — which has been the official summer crash pad after Girls’ Night Out. (Dear Marni, there is actually a shower curtain now in the guest bath. I know. MAJOR development.) Newbies from West Elm have me scheming:

And soon enough, we can buy presents and make wish lists of items like pig-shaped iPod speakers. (Hello, I’m serious, and I totally want one.)

Friday is the first official day of fall. It will be 107.

Soon, I might cry.

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West Elm and 20×200 (Original art for $20!)

Another killer collaboration to do our wallets in: West Elm has joined with 20×200 (a smart and stylish spot to buy original art starting at $20) to offer a limited series by indie artists. The pieces come framed (awesome) and start at $59. They’re online now and hit West Elm shops Aug. 22.

I have big eyes for the pink and black abstracts and the freeway photo, of all things. (It’s Atlanta, but oh, Arizona — it could be!)

These are my favorites:

NY.10#26 and NY.10 #28 by Jennifer Sanchez


Spot by Carol Padberg


Atlanta 15a and Atlanta 22a by Bert Teunissen


And — not offered by West Elm, but another of my 20X200 faves from West Elm pick Jennifer Sanchez:

Also on 20×200, love these seascapes by Laura Bell (Elle Shelley! You need these!)

And for my office, I’m thinking this photo of vintage erasers by Lisa Congdon, because working the delete button is basically my livelihood. Ugh.

Along the same lines: marriage brilliance by Austin Kleon

Mike Monteiro’s wordy art is also fun:

Anyway, enjoy — 20×200 is like Pinterest: a rabbit hole where time goes to die (and happily, too).

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