My gift to you: Homemade wrapping paper that you can download

I dreamed of alphabet wrapping paper with vintage flair, so I got to work in Illustrator, took a trip to Kinko’s, and now have a present for you.

My homemade wrapping paper. Cute, isn’t it? It is my homage to the things I love best: words and books and thoughts and sharing all of the above.

Would you like some? You can download my PDF here, email it to your local Kinko’s, ask them to print it out for you on the oversized blue print machine. Each sheet is three feet by three feet and will cost about $6.

I’m pretty excited about it and may or may not be imagining a world in which I get to design wrapping paper for Hallmark, say. Or Target. Because I have some big ideas.

Wishing you all a week of joy. I’ll be sharing my wrapping and baking adventures to come.

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