Someday I’ll show you photos of my dish closet, and then you’ll understand. I have deep dinnerware problems, compounded each time I am in a shop, see something I love, and envision the dinner party that could ensue.

My mom gave me these sweet teacups for my birthday a few years ago, and I thought they’d be the perfect vessel to hold individual servings of tiramisu for a party. And they would have been, too, but I was too busy to have said party, so Tyson ate them all.

I followed this recipe but built the tiramisu in cups instead of a casserole dish.  It tastes like tiramisu should – none of that strong alcoholic vibe, just fantastic Italian flavors. No rum, no coffee liqueur — much to the dismay of the clerk at AJ’s who tried to tell me I wasn’t doing things right. Just good marsala wine.

And cream.

And mascarpone cheese.