I am grateful for: peanut butter M&Ms, black leggings, The Container Store, my mother, my mother’s MBA, my mother’s MBA-informed advice, and the Nora Ephron quote that says to be the heroine of your own life. I am grateful for my fiance who always buys bananas so I can eat breakfast in the car.  I am grateful for my nephews who got into a fight on family picture day, resulting in this photo that makes me laugh and need to squeeze  them immediately.

I am grateful for the good journalists who showed me how to do what they do, and the writers whose words make me try harder, and the people in the world who share their stories and their hearts with me, both strangers and sisters and friends.

I love people.

I am grateful for kindness and those that give it.

I have been given so much.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Photo: Kapri Rose Roberts Photography