I’ve tested this on gravy snobs across the country, and everyone grudgingly agrees: whatever you think you know about making killer turkey gravy cannot compare to opening this jar.


Directions: While your friends across the country are stressing out over a hot stove at the last minute, hoping to escape floury lumps, you pour Williams-Sonoma’s Turkey Gravy Base into a pan. Fill the empty jar with milk, and add that too. Stir in whatever turkey drippings you have, and a teaspoon or two of fresh chopped rosemary.

You are finished.

Serve and brag.

Brag, brag, brag.

There is no last-minute fussing, no roux-making drama, no appearance of lumps. Ever.

Smother yourself in gravy compliments.

Feel smug.

Make some more.

Buy it here. (For our family of about 25, we need two jars.)

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