So what happened is that in San Francisco I ate a lot of chocolate sable cookies from my beloved Miette. Let me be very clear: double-digits consumed, people. And then I got home, and um, got on the scale, and howled. (Three days off sugar now, and aren’t you glad you don’t live with me? Yes, yes you are.)

And now, after years of stalking these particular most perfect chocolate cookies — the best I’ve ever had — there is a Miette cookbook, and the recipe is within. It figures that I would find this now. So, I will not be making them until Christmas. But you? You should make them this weekend and send me flowers to say thanks. (Yes, Angela, even better than the shortbread at Extraordinary Desserts.)

The recipe is online here, but this is a cookbook worth buying. First off: the pages are scalloped.

Also: homemade graham crackers.

Make sure to visit the bakery in the Ferry Building when you’re in SF — and the Hayes Valley original shop, too — because it’s even cuter.

Buy the book here.