My editor is morally opposed to this.

“Horrified is not overstating it,” she says.

This is my ode to reading. (And Christmas.)

Yes. It’s a little woodsy house made entirely out of my books — most that I ‘ve READ and adore, I might add. Crime and Punishment. D.H. Lawrence’s Women in Love. Hank Stuever’s Off Ramp.Dorian Gray, even. (One or two made the cut because they were the right shape and color, and I compromised. )

I can’t tell you what the white books are because then Diane, my editor, would actually leap over the cubicle wall and hurt me. Let’s just say Gatsby. Hemingway. The books she and I love most in all the world.

I, however, will rest happily knowing I found two uses for things I love. And at night, when I come home, it’s fun to imagine for a moment what it would be like to live inside all of those stories.

P.S. My cabin of stories is keeping company on the counter with this rosemary topiary from Berridge Nursery that I wrapped in burlap: genius $1 cover for those ugly black plastic pots.

Thanks to the ever-fun Sarah Lisi (of Sarah’s Fab Day) for the idea. She sent me this Real Simple photo and got me thinking.