We’re in mad rush mode here at the Jaimee Rose World Headquarters. (Ahem.) In prep for publishing our new website this month — along with my design portfolio, at last — my team and I have been working like fiends to photograph some of my work from the past couple of years. Today, we have packed 5 photo shoots into one looong day, with more staggered all week long — along with our regular client work.

(My team clearly loves me, and what a lucky lucky girl I am to have them.)

Photo shoots are insanity and a complete mess. Basically, the entire house is torn apart to make a room look absolutely perfect from one particular angle.

Fiction and lies, as my beloved Emily Henderson says. Room photography is always a lot of fiction and lies.

It also involves the questionable procuring of much plant life, not all of which is conveniently for sale at the flower market.

For example, to get my hands on the glorious flowering branches we used to style my client’s kitchen below, I went to a bank parking lot in the middle of the night and got out my tree trimmers. (And went home with my arms covered in cuts, but it was worth it. Just look at those babies.)

I have no dignity. Just vision.

Photo by Isaac Bailey

Isn’t that kitchen insane? I keep telling the clients that I want to sleep in the pantry.

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