Our “knees up” pajama party hosted by Puddinn’ (we call her that ’cause she’s Southern and has a draaawl) was SO much fun. We wore hats for dinner and then matching Union Jack pajamas for the wedding, even spoke in fake British accents — which is extra funny mixed with the South. Angela is FROM England, so her accent was posh-a licious. She was the official mascot of Mother England.

My contribution: homemade lemon cranberry scones. Recipe here. Add 1/2 cup chopped cranberries, the zest of half a lemon, and sprinkle with sugar in the raw before baking. Don’t forget the lemon curd and devonshire cream. (Find that at AJ’s.)

I left one home for Ty. He hasn’t even seen her dress yet — and it’s nearly noon. Can you imagine? Boys.

The royal hostess gift for Puddinn’: chocolate chip cookes and our wedding “tickets.” They just arrived!


The hostess wore polka dots and surprised us with homemade shepherd’s pie. It was delicious. Those Brits love it for a reason.


We wore our wildest hats. Ours are from Waycross, Georgia, made for Southern Baptist Sundays. I’d go to church now and then if I could dress like this.

I love how Puddinn’ dressed up the S & P in wedding finery, too.

The best biscuits, as only a Southern belle like Puddinn’ can make. And in Southern tradition, they’re evil. Her recipe: mix a cup of Bisquick with 1/2 cup each melted butter and sour cream. Place heaping tablespoons in mini muffin tins, bake about 10 minutes at 400 degrees until brown. Swoon. Then go jogging.

Our hostess and her royal buffet. Angela brought her Alexander McQueen union jack bag as decoration, which was an excellent twist once we got word of the McQueen dress.

Posh poses: puddinn’ and our own Brit, Ms. Angela, who also participated in the azcentral Royal Wedding Panel. Read her take on the wedding here.

Royal dessert: Puddinn’  was first in line Friday to buy the H.R.H. wedding cupcakes from Sprinkles and surprised us with her find. I had no idea.


They came in a wedding box, even.

Angela brought us awesome matching Union Jack Pajamas to wear — she found them at The Village Heathclub at Gainey Ranch.

And today: I’m royally tired. Who did you watch it with? My friend Marni tweeted pics of brunch with her sister, complete with crowns. It’s fun to have an excuse for a party.