When we bought Camp Sterling, my husband promised that all design-related remodeling decisions would be left to me. And then we came to the subject of the windows, and whether they’d be bronze or white. The man FREAKED out.

Inspired by those glorious steel windows all over the internet and magazines, the dark bronze window has staged a comeback. It’s a beautiful contrast in light and bright rooms — as ours will be.

I particularly love the look from the exterior — all those black window mullions popping against bright white paint.

(Guess what color our exterior will be? Yep, you’ve got it. I know, that was really hard to figure out.)

A big worry on my list: I like these dark windows best when they are actual steel, as in the photo below, and not bronze-finished vinyl, which is more common and affordable. Steel windows = please send my money tree right now.

Tyson, however, says that dark windows make a house look “like an office building” and has refused to entertain any of my rationale.

He wants light and bright, like so.

And from the exterior — we are SO having a high-gloss black front door. With a lion’s head knocker, methinks.

At our house, this decision has been made. But, what do you think? Is the bronze window a trend to skip? Would you go with light, bright and classic or bronze and bold?