I spent the last few days in Tucson at a journalism conference, which also brought my first trip to Tucson institution Eegee’s for a strawberry slush, and oh. OH! (How did I not know about these when I was in Tucson the whole of January? How do we not have Eegee‘s here?)

And . . . how are we going to survive this heat? I know not. (Yes, I am speaking in olde English now. This is your brain on 115 degrees.) I feel lifeless. Maybe naps at 3 p.m., lots of Sonic slush instead, and a weekend in the swimming pool are the only viable options.

When I’m not researching real estate in Flagstaff, my plans include . . .

. . . finishing this collection of James Salter stories recommended by a brilliant writer friend.

. . . avoiding Sprinkles Cupcakes at all costs, because I do NOT want to know how good the new vanilla cupcake with Nutella frosting must be. You hear me? Keep me away.

. . . and maybe talking T into a Prescott day trip for kayaking on Lake Watson, which is my new sport.

OK, I have to go home and whine now. Wishing you a happy weekend (in hell).