When people see me taking photos of  cookies in grocery stores, I often wonder what they think. And then I think of how excited I am to show you the cookies and I proceed, full tilt. So here’s to October, to Fridays, to looking like an idiot in grocery stores, and orange-colored skies:

1. There are now pumpkin macarons in the freezer section of Trader Joe’s, where my friend Ginger tells me the pumpkin ice cream is also worthy of our obsessive-compulsive devotion. I see a pumpkin dessert party in my future, using taste-testing for Thanksgiving as an excuse. That’s important work, you know.

2. Oh yes, and this. This must be tested as well — Pumpkin Mousse Cake, also from Trader Joe’s.

3. Crate & Barrel’s pumpkin tureen is killing me. Imagine coming to someone’s house for dinner and seeing this on the stove. Who cares what soup is inside? (Of course, I think my favorite cheddar corn chowder would be a deserving occupant.)

4. Gummy candy corn — this exists? I found it at La Grande Orange Grocery here in Phoenix, disallowed myself from buying, and have been thinking about it since. It’s also in the Williams-Sonoma catalog, or online at Candy.com, and my spies tell me you can also find gummy candy corn in those big candy shops in malls. I love those candy shops. #issues.

5. Perfect iced pumpkin cookies spotted at AJ’s Fine Foods in Phoenix. Buy your man the football cookie.

6. I’m getting very serious about that pumpkin dessert party. Do you think I could just order pizza and focus entirely on the treats? I want one of these at every place setting: adorable pumpkin truffles from Moonstruck Chocolate. I found them at AJ’s and cooed to them in high-pitched baby talk. They’re also online here.

7. Party favors: Mini cans of hot chocolate from Crate & Barrel in my signature stripes. $3 each.

8. Lastly, do you know the best place to hang out in Scottsdale on a Thursday or Friday fall night? JAM, where Thursdays now mean a farmers market from 4 to 8 p.m. (the “Miller Market,” if you’re fancy). And today is Food Truck Friday, just like every Friday. Think Short Leash Hotdogs, among others, and local musicians singing on the porch, 6 to 8 p.m.

Don’t miss the new local artisan creations inside the JAM shop, especially the Urban Table. JAM is a sweet shop/classroom/events place located in a historic Bungalow in Old Town Scottsdale, and owner Shauna Jean loves autumn as much as I do. You’ll want to go.