Movies, Ikea, and the meaning of life — we’re never staid in this corner of the internet, my friends. My weekend plans:

SEE IT: Robot & Frank was a big, buzzy Sundance film and Christina and I are excited to see it tonight at Camelview in Scottsdale. It’s about love, libraries, robots, and the future, and being in love with Susan Sarandon. “Charming,” the critics say. I love that word.

TRY IT: Word is that Kelly’s Southbridge – a fun, sexy, scene-y new bar – serves the best hamburger in town. I want to go test this theory before there’s no more room on the couch.

BELIEVE IT: This gorgeous new mirrored dresser just arrived at Ikea. IKEA! The MALM looks expensive, but it’s only $299. I’m going to go scope it out for some of my clients’ rooms — and maybe bring it home for my own.

LEARN ABOUT IT: In the course of reporting a story this week, I found myself at the weather station in the small town of Oracle, Arizona. This is how the park ranger keeps her stats. I loved seeing this small piece of something so large. She even collects rain in a bucket.

TRY IT: Homemade pizza with mozzarella, corn, and roasted padron peppers. Beneath the cheese: a pile of sauteed leeks with a little cream stirred in at the end. Inspired by a pizza my sisters and I had at Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton’s Mozza, in Newport Beach. Deadly.

DO IT: When I pulled up to the window at the Starbucks drive-through this morning to pick up my favorite banana-chocolate protein shake, the cashier said, “the gentleman in front of you has paid for your drink,” and nodded to the black Acura making its way down the street.

Me: “What? On accident?”

Cashier: “No. He asked if he could please pay for your drink.”

I nodded and watched his car fade into traffic. It’s possible I looked sad this morning,  sad about things I can’t change. I don’t know the man in the car. His small, anonymous kindness reminded me of the good in the world.

This weekend, I’m going to do something kind for a stranger. I’m going to change something small.