A few of the things currently crowding my attention span:


Rejuvenation is now carrying these oh-so-cute Big Chill appliances — vintage inspired and so tempting for Camp Sterling. (Except, don’t you think they should have done something about the top freezer? I do hate a top freezer. There are some things about modern appliances to be revered.) A refrigerator is $3,499.


DeSoto Central Market just opened in downtown Phoenix in a historic building that used to be a car dealership. It houses varied local vendors offering eats, drinks and a cool vibe. I’m digging on the walls filled with subway tile and black and white signage.


I’m practically the caboose of the The Girl On The Train fan parade at this point, but if you haven’t read it, do … or save it for a summer beach book. It’s a Hitchcock-esque mystery and I read it in a single day, transfixed. Read the NPR review here.


This is likely unbecoming at my age, but I just can’t care. I love few things more in life than to go out dancing, particularly when DJ Kaskade is playing. (And if I ever say that I feel too old to have DJ crushes or to go dancing, please kidnap me to New Orleans and remind me that life is supposed to be fun.) “Never Sleep Alone” is Kaskade’s newest single. If you see me dancing in my car on Camelback Road, do say hello. (And if you need fun summer plans, he’s playing at XS in Las Vegas in May and June. I can’t wait.)


My friend Angela is one of the best-dressed women on the planet. (Really — think Valentino leather and Chanel lace on a freaking Tuesday night at Hillstone.) It’s exasperating, but also inspiring to study. She spends the whole of summer running about in a collection of crisp and breezy white tops and always looks perfect for every event. I’m thinking she’d wear this new Mantilla Silk Tunic from Anthropologie over her bikini to lounge about in Lake Tahoe,  and then put it on with light skinny jeans for dinner while we all shake our heads at her genius.