On Friday night, our friends Mark and Angela came to see our new house.  They lived in our neighborhood when they were newlyweds, too. In preparation for their visit, I piled cheese straws high on a plate, filled bowls in the kitchen with lemons, and clipped a few of the trailing white roses that spill over our fence for an arrangement on my nightstand.

We gave them a house tour. There was dinner at Tarbell’s. And after they left, their incredibly personal housewarming gift presided over the rest of our weekend.

Behold, the most glorious arrangement ever:

Mark and Angela are own the event company Angelic Grove — and Mark created this vase for me. The roses even mimic my bridal bouquet. Thank you, sweet friends, for such a thoughtful and personal gift.

And the white roses I cut from the fence are still going strong on the nightstand. Happy Spring. And Happy Monday, everyone.