The diamond in my engagement ring is black. The invitations to our engagement party may be black. I usually wear only black. Black dresses are my favorite things on earth. And now, Vera Wang says that wedding dresses can be black.

Could I?  Should I? Would you?

Vera Wang is also getting divorced.

I feel that to be germane.

They are gorgeous. And if your wedding dress was black, you could absolutely wear it again — to black tie galas for the rest of your life.

I am not a traditional bride, and our wedding won’t be traditional, either. We’re still figuring it out — maybe we’ll run off to Italy. Maybe we’ll run off and find an altar of fall leaves.

But the white wedding dress serves a few purposes. It makes the bride stand out. It looks excellent next to a black tuxedo in photos. And it makes the day special — since you will never wear a such a dress again.

This dress, though — you could wear it every weekend:

My mom was asking me this weekend what the wedding dress looks like in my head — and it doesn’t exist there, really. (Which will make finding a wedding dress easier, thank goodness.) I like short dresses. I like fun dresses. I like white dresses with black bits added on top.

(Above gown: Anne Barge. Below gown: Bhldn, and it’s on sale for $1000.)

What I can imagine is buying my first Chanel dress and wearing that to my wedding. That sounds just right. And I can promise I would wear it again — ad nauseum.

(Below: Rachel Bilson in a white Chanel that’s just my style.)

But a black dress? I don’t think I can do it. Could you?

P.S. Unrelated, but I love this sweet little apple clutch from Bhldn. I don’t even think it would hold my iPhone, but it would look fantastic as decor chez moi.