My adventures in paper overachieving and ribbon obsessing continue.

It’s possible that wrapping presents is among my favorite things about Christmas. (There is something wrong with me, I’m sure.)

Christmases past: Peek at gift wrap 20092008, and 2007 — a year that amazes me because it seems  I also baked and gift-wrapped truffles and homemade marshmallows. Who was that girl? Where did she find the time? And seeing these reminds me that I need to go dig out those glittered belt buckles. Where can they be?

2010  SOURCES: Sheet music paper, The Container Store. Black snowflake paper, Target. Snowflake kraft paper and silver quilted paper: my years-old stash. Glittered frame for silhouette: West Elm. Wide gray satin ribbon: SAS Fabrics. Pennant banners: made from stickers (!) purchased at Melrose Vintage. Folded paper lollies with feathers: I busted out the glitter and made them, but you can find ornaments similar to the initialed centers at Pottery Barn (and save yourself from a glittered kitchen, too). Silver numbers: vintage. Linen ribbon: Paris, but try The Willows for something close. Vintage “His” flashcard (used as gift tag): Frances.